Looking From A Distance

I watched Shaden and Deran's exchange from the shadows, a black cloak around me to hid my pale skin and fiery orange hair. It was so difficult to look at Shaden and not be able to have him. He was so devoted to his job that he never saw my constant glances when we were near each other. Unrequited love was never an enjoyable thing to experience.

So I remained his friend, his coworker to protect the Gathetes. We would banter back and forth over the littlest things because we were old friends. It felt so nice being near him. And watching him shapeshift was amazing. He had such incredible control over his body--which let me say is just tall piece of eye candy.

Then there was me, weird little Nira, with much too pale skin, too bright hair, and absolutely no curves. I could wear the same clothing as the children here. How horrible is that?

Deran's movement away from Shaden caught my eye and I frowned as he pouted and stalked off.

Shaden sighed heavily, rubbing his face. What a toll his friend put on him. He glanced over in my direction, his piercing orange eyes finding my own plum colored orbs. I started toward him to make it seem like I had been wandering the halls anyway.

"Hi. Something bothering you?" I asked, staring up at him. Shaden was about a foot taller than me, give or take.

"Hey Nira. I'm fine." He gave me a tired smile. "Just some issues with Deran. Nothing to worry about."

My heart ached for him. I wished there was something I could do.

"Why don't you get something to eat and take a nap? You look like you could use one," I halfheartedly joked, lightly punching his arm. At least that got a bigger smile from him.

He ruffled my choppy layers until I batted his hand away like a cat would paw at an annoying fly. "Thanks Nira, I think I will. See you later."


I watched him walk toward the banquet hall, each step making me miss him more.

God I was pathetic.

The End

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