Friendship and Duty

Shaden Vorn a Gathete gaurd

"Where do you think your going?!" I said coming out from behind Deran in a darkened Niche within the the Palace of Gatherite.

"Shaden!Be quiet!" He hissed at me.

"Deran, I can't let you go out tonight. Your father is catching on to your activities, its not like he doesn't have others tracking your movements. I can no longer pretend to be ignoring your activities!" I hissed back, the brat had little knowledge of what I had to go through playing the card that I was ignorant of him sneaking out every night to meet a half breed Bioner/Dioner girl. Infact his father was beginning to question my abilities, I couldn't let him get away with it this time for mine and his sakes no matter what it would do to our friendship. 

"Come on just this one more time Shaden just say..."

"Deran I have played every card I can with your father! Now if you don't start going back to where you come from I will incapacitate you myself."

"Oh and my father will let you get away with that." He spat sarcastically.

"It is what he asks of me in this type of situation Deran and you know that. Besides let this all blow over, and tell your girlfriend to lay low for a bit, I'm sure both sides here are catching on so let the heat blow over, before one of you get caught, I'm sure you don't want that either."I tried to reason with him, but this only got him angrier.

"Oh so you're gonna rat on me huh? Your going to destroy our friendship for your own hide, what kinda friend are you? You know I think I know you're a coward Shaden! A filthy...." My arm turned into a razor sharp blade and within seconds I was behind Deran holding the blade across him dangerously.

"Deran it goes both ways you know. I'm beginning to resent sticking up for you or even allowing you to do this. I have been taking unnecessary risks for you, and you dare call me a coward!  I threw him forwards, my arm returning to normal. If this comes down to our friendship then your a sorry friend to have, you could care less what happens to me as long as you see that.." I held my tongue before I said anything else.

"See that what?!" He said entirely enraged.

"That girl." I replied calming myself.

"It didn't sound like that was what your were going to say Shaden." He spat.

"Whatever Deran if your going to go then just try it I'm done talking here. Mind you if you take a step forward, and I assure you will regret it." I said readying myself for him to come at me but instead he turned around.

" I will not go that far Shaden, but let me assure you! I will not give up on seeing her and if you as much as speak an ill word against her! I will bring harm to you!" 

The End

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