Forbidden Feelings.

There are three different types of people;
Bioners: they have the power over one element but can not touch anything metal. They are all female and have ever blue or green eyes. these are the descendants of the god Bonaria.
Dioners: they have the power of Thoughts and feelings. They can feel/sense people's emotions and thoughts. All can control emotions and powerful ones can control other people's thoughts as well. They, like the Bioners, can not touch metal. These people are the descendan

P>Hallen.Half Bioner half Dioner.


Once apon a time... No. Scrap that. This is not a happily ever after. Never will be. I will start again. 

Long, long ago... Na. This is now. Why should I tell it so it makes sense to you? Let me think. 

Ok. I will start with what is happening now. 

I am sitting at my desk a smile on my face when my mother walks in.  I cringe as I sense the anger, rage and disappointment rolling off her. 

"Is it true?" She asks me. Getting straight to the point as always. 

"Is what true?" I ask, confusion smoldering my anger at her intruding. 

"Addie saw you at the Gathetes last night?" She asked me. I could see pain behind her emerald green eyes. This built up a wall of guilt inside me. 

"Yes." was all I could force myself to say. 

"What in the name of the goddess where you doing there?" she raged. The pain had vanished. My wall of guilt slowly fades to match her anger. 

"None of your business." I told her defensively. 

"It is so my business. You know what there god did to our mother. What were you doing?" 

I thought a smile as I remember the feel of his lips on mine. His body in my arms. I squelch the memory and racke around my ever planning mind to find a reason. Suddenly one came. 

"I was spying." I told her it was partly the truth. I had to spy around to make sure no one was going to step in or hear us. 

"Well I don't want you any where near that place again. You hear me? You are to stay in here till tomorrow morning." she ordered before turning around and slamming the door behind her. She stood there. I got up and went over to my bed my eye catching the sight of my window. A smile built itself on my face. 

Two minutes later I heard footsteps moving away down the corridor but I didn't trust them to have been my mothers.  So I closed my eyes and sent my senses out side the door. 

I will catch her.I recognized the sound of my mums thoughts. There was a cosy feeling around them. Like home. 

I sighed and fell back on my bed. My feet hanging off. I started humming a lullabye to myself, massaging my stomach all the while. Eventually mum left, posting a guard outside my door. I sent out my senses again and felt the angry, smart, thoughts of Ember. 

I growled as she would hear me go out the window. Having guesses that would be my next idea.  I was stuck here tonight. Angry and annoyed. Someone Simon trouble tomorrow. I thought as I knew the anger and annoy meant will build and build.

The End

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