Karen: Messy Bedrooms and DatesMature

'Oh it's nice to know your just as responsible as your rock star friends.' I huffed.

'Well I'm sorry for not being a tidy-freak who writes lists all the time.' Caleb grumbled, 'and besides, your not even a real clean freak if your bedroom is a messy as yours!'

'My bedroom isn't messy, it's just well organised,' I prickled at his comment. He snorted in disbelief and turned to open the front door, 'where are you going?'

'Out. Exploring.' He said whimsically as he strolled down the driveway. 

'You have to watch the house. I've got work again today and Mum is still on her business trip.' I yelled, following him.

'There is such a thing as a key, honey.' He said sarcastically.

'You infuriate me!' I snarled, 'whatever.'

My phones buzzed in my jeans pocket, and flipped it open, it wasn't a number on my contact list, 'hello?'

'Hi, Karen, it's me, Ollie!'

I smiled, 'oh hi, Ollie. Um, I'm in a rush right now to get to work and--'

'OK, I was just wondering if you wanted to go out again tonight?'

'Oh, yeah. Sure can you come pick me up at seven?'


'Okay, gotta run, Ollie! See you later.'

I looked up at where Caleb was previously standing, but he was no longer there. I saw him halfway down the main street, still in his grey tracksuit bottoms and t-shirt. I stifled a giggled at how much he blended in with the rest of the crowd, even in his pyjamas. 

I trudged back into the house, closing the door behind me as I jogged up the stairs. I looked around my bedroom, clothes were scattered everywhere and my dressing table was a tip. I blushed as I noticed my wide open and in plain sight underwear drawer. I nudged the edge of it with me hip, closing it. 

Maybe Caleb was right, maybe my bedroom really was a tip. But then again, in Las Vegas, his was ... to...

I clamped a hand over my mouth as I recalled those supposedly forgotten memories from America. Goose bumps covered my arms, and I shivered.

I glanced over at my clock...

'Oh shit, work!' I cursed, dragging on my skirt and uniform.

The End

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