Caleb: The TextMature

"So have you looked into properties yet?" Karen asked as handed me a glass of orange juice.

I grunted, shovelling egg into my mouth.

"Well," she pressed me when I didn't respond.

"Too hungry. Food distracting," I mumbled over my mouthfuls.

She snorted in disgust and muttered under her breath about boys having no manners as she turned away to pour herself some juice.

I swallowed. "You should see the way my room mate eats back in California before you complain about me."

My phone vibrated in my pocket.

"Ah, speak of the devil...What? No! Clive, you idiot!"

"What is it?" Karen asked, her eyebrows raised in bewilderment.

"Just got a text from my room mate saying that he thought I was dead, and that he found out from my boss's daughter I'd been given family leave to go to the UK.

strode towards the kitchen door, but Karen blocked my exit.

"Three questions," she said, setting her hands on my shoulders so I wouldn't try to dodge round her.

"First question: why the HELL did you not let your room mate know you were going away?" She shook me as if it were possible to shake sense into me.

"He was on tour. I expected to be back to tell him before he freaked out."

"You're friend is..."

"Yeah, he's a musician. Third question?"

"That wasn't a question! My second question is why are you so upset about him coming here? He's you're room mate; you couldn't hate someone you live with that much, especially if you live with them by choice."

"I don't hate him." I ran my fingers through my messy blonde hair. "I love him like a brother, but. Well..." I trailed off.

Karen gazed up at me, her expression full of keen interest.

"He's a bit eccentric. He might scare all you organised, no humour Englishmen."

"Hey!" She cried out, offended. "We have humour. It's just sarcastic. And don't forget. You were born here!"

I took the time my insult had given me as a way to escape her loosened grip.

"Excuse me! You haven't answered my last question," she called after me as I ran into the guest room.

"Go on then." I snatched my wallet off my bed before heading towards the front door.

"How does your friend know your boss's daughter?"

"I would have thought that one was obvious. He's a rock star."

The End

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