Karen: Teased.Mature

I moaned as I rolled over, my face coming into contact with the back of the sofa. I groaned again, as I sat up, clutching the pounding sides of my head. Nausea set it and I flopped back down onto the cushions. I gave the room a quick scan as I did so, I remember Ollie coming back over while Caleb was out with Suzie. 

There was a crashing noise coming from the kitchen and I jumped up off the sofa, grabbing the empty ornamental fruit bowl 

I nearly dropped the bowl in relief as Caleb's face came into sight behind the mess of hair which framed his face. He looked up at me, tilting his head up in greeting. 

'What're you trying to do?' I sighed, as I watched him fumble with the frying pan.

'Cook an egg.'

'It's not rocket science.. why the hell do you have milk in the pan?' I asked, trying to hold back my laughter. 

'To make the egg fluffy.' He frowned. I burst in a fit of giggles at the sight of a grown man trying to fry an egg with milk in the pan, tears leaked out the sides of my eyes and I doubled over. 

'You... could be... the most idiotic... man I've ever... seen...' I paused between each word, catching my breath.

'That's why you love me.' He smirked, looking me right in the eye.

The friendly, family-like atmosphere in the room shattered and my face fell.

'Oh, shut up,' I tried to laugh off his comment, but my shaky voice gave my emotions away. 

'That's what I said to you last night, Karen. But you just kept on clinging to me, slurring "I love you, love you!" I practically had to force you off me!' He snickered. I don't know what action he was trying to provoke from me by doing that, but I ignored his crude comment and snatched the pan from his grip. 

I poured the milk down the sink, and nudged him away from the cooker as I made him his eggs. 

'Put some toast under the grill,' I whispered, not looking at him as I concentrated on not burning his food. All I had to do was keep up the family atmosphere, that's all. That's all I have to do.

The End

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