Karen: JealousyMature

What a blatant lie, but it was the best thing I had to offer.

I don't know why I was so pissed at the fact he was going out. I shouldn't have felt the envy I felt earlier today when Suzie had said those words. The only valid reason I could come up with was that I didn't want anyone to take away my new sibling just yet, maybe I would calm down in a few weeks; once we'd grown used to the idea of being brother and sister.

'Why that jerk? All he wants to do is get you in the sack.' Caleb said coldly, turning his head to me slightly as he did so.

'Yeah, and you think Suzie just wants a relationship? You don't even know her properly.' I retorted, 'fine. Whatever. Go, Mum's out tonight for work anyway. So with you gone, too, we'd get some privacy.'

'So my being here is bad?' He asked angrily, as he turned to face me so our argument would have more meaning.

'Yeah. I never wanted such a twat for a brother anyway!' I snapped. I turned on my heel and walked up the stairs; getting into an argument with Caleb was  not what I needed after nine hours of stress in the kitchen at my day job.

Much to my dismay, he just had to go and follow me; determined to get the last word in. He leaned up against my door frame, he was damn lucky I didn't slam the door in his idiotic face.

'Well?' I asked, tapping my foot impatiently after a few minutes. I was down to bare feet, T-shirt and skirt. I wouldn't dare go any further with him gawking at me with that smug look.

'I decided,' he began, my heart leaped as I anticipated those words explaining why he has to move back to the US, 'even though my whole life is back in California, I'm going to try staying in England for a little while. Just to see if I feel comfortable here.'

'What?'  My jaw slacked, and the pair of scruffy, black Vans I was holding slipped through my fingers, 'why? You hate it here, right? So, I bet the US is suited to you much more. You'll get loads of stick for being American here.' I was going to list the reasons of why he should leave, but I was just too pissed to do so.

'I'm going to buy my own flat somewhere in the city with the money from my Dad's will, I wont be in your way.' He told me.

'Our Dad's will, Caleb. He's my father too.' I muttered, 'not all that money is for you. Anyway are you leaving yet?'


'Well, I hope you do. I really haven't had a decent night with a guy, for a while.' I looked up, 'nope. Not one.' I was having fun mocking him, there was no harm, right? It was forgotten, right?

So this wouldn't get to him, right?

The End

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