Caleb: DoubtsMature

It was getting near to the end of my first week here and a lot was going through my mind.

Living in England...It was a concept I never really thought about before. After all, I loved California. It was my home, my sanctuary, my life. Everyone I knew was there. My job, well-paid and friendly hours for a post-college graduate, was based there. If I moved I'd have to adjust to a new culture amongst strangers and unemployed.

Yes, living in England would not be the smartest choice financially. And though I enjoy irritating Karen, I do not want to be a bother and lodge here like a free-loader taking advantage of his long lost mother. The only other option would be to give up my spacious, beach-side apartment for a cramped flat in an unfamiliar neighbourhood.

I pulled away from the mirror, now the my hair had finally be tamed and smiled. A ghost of a smile which showed my doubtful thoughts crawling beneath the surface.

I opened the front door and collided with Karen, who was returning from a day of work.

"Watch were you're going!" she snapped over my half-hearted apologies.

I tried to edge passed her but she blocked my exit.

"Where are you off to, anyway?" She asked, her voice softening with dawning curiosity.

"To the park to collect my thoughts," I lied, my eyes downcast so she could not see the truth in them. I was actually off to a date with one her friends I had met a the social outing when I first arrived in England.

"The park," she said, her tone skeptical. "Mind if I join."

"Actually, I'd rather go alone if that's okay with you," I said, attempting to slip passed her.

Her arm shot out and force me back into the house.

"Well that's weird, because at work today, Suzie called to tell me she had a date with you and was wondering what food you liked."

"I-I don't know where she got that idea from." I knew by the way Karen's lips curved into a devilish grin that I had been caught out.

"Go," she said, after a long pause.

"Seriously?!" I said, hurrying towards the front door before she could change her mind.

"Yep. I was thinking about having Ollie over anyway."

Now that made me halt in my tracks.

The End

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