It had been only five days after what I now referred to in my head as: "The Hallway Incident" and I had already decided to talk to my... our mother about him living in our house, using our electricity and hot water. Yeah, that's it. He's taking advantage of our home appliances!

'Mum! I want to talk to you about Caleb... oh.' I came to a halt as the pair looked up at me. Their resemblance was unavoidable. He had our mothers eyes, blonde highlights, slightly tan skin.

It made me feel envious. Here he was, sitting in front of the plasma TV that I had bought us, eating the muffins which our family friend had made for us. The whole scene angered me, and what's more, he was sitting on the end of the sofa. On the very edge of the cushion, his elbow on the arm rest, his cheek planted to his palm. He was sitting exactly how I sat, including the location on the sofa.

Jesus Christ, next mum'll be saying were twins or something.

I glared at him.

'What about me?' Caleb asked, looking alarmed.

'Um...' I thought of a subject which had close ties to Caleb's being here quickly, 'have you decided to live in our home yet? Because, umm,I need to know whether to get new bed sheets for you.'

They both stared at me, and my face flushed, 'why do we need new bed sheets, Karen?' Mum asked, confused.

'Because... because well, I have my own bed covers and stuff. Like that red one with the roses on. So I thought Caleb might want one of his own...?' I babbled, 'and room decorations and stuff, like a new lamp 'cause the one in there is really messed up and gross and I...' My voice trailed off.

'Thanks for the thought, Karen, but I don't need new stuff if I'm staying here until I find my own place. And I'm fine with the dusty lamp.' Caleb chuckled.

'You're staying in England?' My mother and I exclaimed at the same time. Only she sounded excited, whereas I sounded disgusted and angry. I was not going to live with this leech until he moved into his own house. Noooooo way.

'Don't let your sister put you off.' Mum laughed, 'she's always been a sucker for interior decor items. That's why this house is filled to the brim with all the sale stock from B&Q, and Homebase.'

'B and Q? Homebase?' Caleb repeated, confused.

'They're shops which sell stuff for your house.' I informed him in a cold voice, pissed off at mum for giving this bastard one of my weaknesses. This man, my brother, filled me with disgust. I don't even have a legitimate reason to despise him as much as I do (aside from the Las Vegas "incident").

Maybe what happened in  America was the source of my hatred?

And here we are, sitting in the living room, watching The One Show together, eating muffins, laughing and getting along like a happy family. How much I wish that was I actually felt.

But my idiot brain was too stupid back then to realise the source of my hatred was myself.

The End

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