Caleb: DiversionMature

I looked at Karen and she looked back at me. We were so close, our noses almost touching, only the sound of our breathing filling the small gap between us.

An expression of wonder crept upon her face, her mouth fixed into an surprised O-shape. None of the guilt we had been feeling lurked in the pits of her widened pupils and she made no move of rejection as I placed my palms on the solid wall either side of her.

As I leant in closer she inhaled deeply, as if preparing to dive into deep water. She shut her eyes and while her body stiffened, her face relaxed.

Am I really going to do this? I asked myself. Will she be mad and never want anything to do with me afterwards? It was a risk I was going to have to take.

I tilted my head to the left and put my lips against her ear.

"This has been bugging me all night," I whispered, sensing her shudder as my cool breath hit her flushed skin. "But the tags still on your dress."

I recoiled sharply before her hand came into contact with my cheek.

"You idiot!" She shrieked, enraged.

I took a fast step backwards in case she tried to slap me, but in stead she stood there with her fists clenched tightly shut, looking mortified. I put a finger to my lips and shushed her.

"You're going to wake Mum up."

"Fuck you!" she screamed, storming pass me.

She carried on into the darkness. There was the racket of angry footsteps pounding old floorboards ending abruptly with the noise of a slamming door. Boy, Karen sure liked slamming doors!

I was not looking forward to tomorrow. Though I may not have handled that sticky situation in the most mature way - there was no escaping the fact we were about to kiss - at least I had come up with a way to avoid it. And hopefully I had prevented it from happening again.

"I'm here for two weeks," I assured myself. "Only two weeks. I should be able to put up with Miss Strop-a-lot for  that short period of time."

The End

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