I dragged my eyes away from Caleb's slim, yet toned frame. And those ridiculously tight jeans. I was slightly envious that he was able to look so good in a pair, and I could barely pull it off. Not to mention that even though he's a 21 year old guy and he's still got a gap between his thighs! I can't even pull that off any more. Jesus Christ. He's fitter than me, a girl!

As we made our way down the stairs, I took not of my -our- mother sleeping soundly in the armchair, in front of the table on which the television was located. I put a finger to my lips, and pointed to her; then the door. He smiled then took the lead, pushing past me in a narrow landing - and I think I was the only one who noticed - and his tight-jean clad leg brushed my own bare one for a small fraction of a second. I didn't like the way it send shivers up my spine, I really didn't.

Once we'd made it out of the door safely, I smiled apologetically, 'I am so sorry for dragging you out on your first day here. But, hey, let's just call it a tour of my side of London.' I laughed.

'It's fine. Better to drink off the jet lag rather than to sit around and wait for it go disappear.' Caleb snickered, shoving his hands in his pockets; I'm surprised there was any room in something that tight.


The first half hour of the "group date"(as Jenna put it) was fine, it went smoothly. But it was during the space of ten minutes that nearly three girls had each found a part of Caleb's body they could latch onto. I don't know why this made my blood boil so much, it just did.

He can have fun. So can I! I thought with an edge of venom.

'Your glass is empty, d'you need another?' A guy with a very boyish face, boyish eyes and a boyish hair cut asked. It screamed "I could still be only sixteen". But Jenna wouldn't invite someone of such a young age.

'Oh,' I glanced up, pretending to be shy, 'yeah. Yeah.'

'Be right back.' He smiled, a slight glint in his eye. I found his name was Oliver -Ollie- and he was shared-manager of an alternative clothing shop at the age of just 24.

I laughed loudly at one of his jokes, it was at that moment that another man decided to join our conversation. James, was his name. I giggled my most girly giggle at any space possible, and each glass of wine I had made it easier and easier to do so; flirting, I mean.

'Hey, want to go somewhere?' Ollie asked, touching my arm. I looked up and smiled, just as I was about to give my answer; Caleb grabbed my wrist.

'Karen, let's go home. I'm bored.' He growled, the girls he was previously sitting with tittered angrily.

'No, Caleb... don't be so embarrassing.' I mumbled, Ollie laughed and walked off, shrugging; telling me it didn't matter as he walked off.

'It's my first day here and you expect me to explain to mom why we weren't both in the house last night?' He sighed, dragging me away from the pub, hailing down a taxi.

Once we had arrived back home, I, once again, put a finger to my lips as I opened the front door. I held my breath; expecting a good shouting at from mum. But she was still in her chair, fast asleep. We both let out a sigh of relief.

'That was quite fun.' I smiled, 'haven't done anything like that for ages.' Caleb looked like he was about to mention the other time. But thought better of it. It's better not to even acknowledge it ever happened.

'I'm going to bed.' I declared in a hushed voice.

'I'll do the same.' Caleb yawned, 'that was so boring.'

I shook my head, and as I made my way down the landing which led to the staircase, I had to hold my breath because I knew Caleb was following me very closely. Because I was concentrating so much on keeping my breathing at nil, I tripped over my own foot.

'Ah!' I gasped, as a strong arm held me in mid air and all the oxygen I'd been holding hostage in my lungs burst out, 'sor...ry...'

He let me stand at an upright angle, but I was sort of up against the wall; and Caleb was looming over me in a way that made me think I was his prey. I shuddered and looked down as Caleb put his hands on the wall each side of my head.

I totally knew what was coming, but that wasn't the main problem at hand. The most troublesome aspect of the situation was that I didn't actually try to resist his face that was slowly becoming closer to my own.

The End

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