Driving me InsaneMature

I slammed the door in Caleb's face after he spat out those cruel words. As if it wasn't hard enough for me already, as if I didn't feel sick enough already, as if I didn't feel angry enough already. He just had to get in the last word.

I flopped face first onto my bed, biting my lips with frustration. He was the biggest dick alive right now, no matter what anyone else does to me, he would be the biggest dick of them all.

My phone vibrated on my bed side table, causing me to give a little shriek in shock. It kind of pissed me off that it had interrupted my peaceful silence.

...Jenna calling...


'Karen! Help!'

'Huh? What is it?' I grunted, she didn't sound that desperate so her life mustn't be in danger. She seemed to be distracted and took a few seconds to give me a reply.

'Look, I know your probably still hung up over the Las Vegas dude, but would you mind coming on a "group outing"--'

'I'm not.' I said sharply.

'OK then, 'cause we're short two guys and one girl. So can you bring someone along with you? Please?' I could almost hear her puppy eyes.

'Um, yeah.' I paused, and a cruel grin crossed my face, 'and, that guy from Las Vegas? Nothing actually happened between us. I was lying that time I rushed in to trick you.' I paused and took a deep breath, 'I was trying to distract you from something important.'

'What? Just hurry up and spit it out, Kar!'

'We met up, and found out we were siblings. So absolutely nothing happened that night.' I declared, 'I'll bring him along.'

'Ohmigod! That's so cool! So you've got a sister and brother?!'

Shit. I didn't remember that text! Shit! Shit! Shit! I've gotta think quick... cover it up.. cover it up.

'It's too much to explain over phone, Jen. I'll tell you when I get there.' I said quickly, 'where're we meeting?'

'Jonsies Bar.'



Once I'd finished getting dressed, and slapping on some decent make up; I took a deep breath and knocked on Caleb's door.

'I'm sorry for being rude earlier. So can you come with me on a match-up date?' I clasped my hands together and gave him my best puppy eyes. Only far-too-aware that his sharp turquoise eyes were slowly moving from the top over my head, over my chest, down my legs then finally to my feet.

'I'm going as your brother, though. Right?'

'Of course. We're just two normal siblings looking for someone.' I said quietly, 'nothing more. Nothing less.'

'Fine. Give me a few minutes.'

The End

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