Caleb: My RoomMature


Woah, woah! Things were moving way too fast.

"But I have a job back home," I said, trying to avoid the old lady's desperate gaze.

I felt bad turning her down. Well, not as bad as I should. But I was her long lost son she had so recently found, and now I was crushing her dream of sowing a broken family back together.

She place a wrinkled hand on my lap, looked me right in the eye, and made me promise that I'd at least thing about it.

In the back of my mind I thought of Karen, sitting only a few metres away, wishing with all her might that I would say no and leave without a single thought of returning.

"Fine," I replied to my mother's frantic pleading. "I'll think about it for the two weeks I am here."

I heard Karen exhale loudly in an irritated manner. Fortunately for her our mother did not hear it or she'd have a lot of explaining to do for her sudden abhorrence of me. I shot her a glance that warned her not to be so obvious. She returned it as a glare that excreted the immature message I-still-hate-you.

"Well," said our mother, squinting up at the clock nailed to a floral patterned covered wall. "It's getting late and I'm sure the flight has drained you. Karen, why don't you show Cody to the guest room?"

Karen only just manage to mask how much that notion detested her. She stood up from the sofa and began to walk stiffly down the corridor, not looking back to see if I was following her.

"Thank you for the tea, Mrs Stevens." I nodded politely at her and headed off after Hateful.

"Here's your room," Karen hissed through clenched teeth, practically kicking the door open.

I peered inside the dainty room. It reflected on the rest of the house's style - floral everywhere, with those fake potted plants and the odd painting hanging dangerously loose of the flowery wall.

"Ah, I see my luggage has made it here to," I remarked, notifying how my rather expensive bag had been carelessly flung onto the bed - I can only guess the hospitality-filled person who did that.

Karen grunted in response and turned to leave.

"What, no good night kiss?" The words escaped my lips before I realise what a poor choice they were.

She stormed back and slammed the door that stood between us.

The End

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