Karen: ForgetMature

Caleb (...apparently not Tyler) fiddled with his fingers for a while before opening his mouth to speak, 'um.. about--'

'Forget it.'


'Never even think of it. Ever.' I said curtly, 'family. We can be a normal family with a normal mum and normal siblings if we forget it.'

'Yes! Absolutely,' Caleb let out a sigh of relief and smiled at me. I returned it shyly, trying to act like he was really just my brother and we'd only just met for the very first time.

'Your hair is a mess, do you like wearing it like that?' I asked, though I was obviously aware that he usually wore it in a styled way which didn't actually look like it was slick with hair gel. But right now it resembled a poorly built birds nest.

'Umm, no, I was just rushing to get here. So it kind of went poof.' He mimicked an explosion on his head and I laughed softly.

We both gave a small jump when the kettle whistled in the kitchen and snorted at our idiocy.

'So, is it even possible to surf in England?' Caleb asked, both eager and doubtful. I paused, trying to remember if there was any places that would allow him to even attempt to stand on a surf board.

'Cornwall? I think... But I don't really know.' I froze, surfing. That's it. He must have been a surfer, that time he was really, very toned and muscular.  His arms and hands were also very big. Big enough to use only one to clasp both my wrists together in a tight grip, while the other inched up my leg. And--

'Karen, you okay?' Mum's voice seemed to come at me from a distance, knocking me out of my crude memories.

'I-I'm fine!' I yelped, smiling a smile that made me look slightly insane.

'How many sugars do you like, Caleb?' Mum asked my brother as she set down her favourite tea set on our new coffee table.

'Um.. just one please.'



'So, Caleb. Which university do you intend to go to in England...'

As mum began to resort to endless babbling to keep the silence at bay, all that I could process were the recent events and the fact that I would be living with this man. And this man , of all the men, of all the people in the world; was my brother. Born of the same parents... oh god... All Caleb and I could do for now is try to associate with each other as little as possible to force the memories to be forgotten.

The End

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