Caleb: Sister.Mature

My sister? I had a one night stand with my sister?

I could not believe it. Was it true? My mother's expression looked serious, and as the seconds dragged on by I realised that a camera crew wasn't going to appear on set.

"Caleb, you look a little pale. Are you alright?"

"Uh y-yeah," I stammered, fixing my sight on the floral carpet below and feeling my insides twist with uncomfortable guilt. "W-where's your bathroom?"

"Karen will show you," she replied.

From the corner of my eye I saw her give an equally shocked and repulsed Karen a sharp nudge. Karen took a hesitant stepped backwards before, noticing her mother's absorbing eyes on the both of us, she plastered on a somewhat neutral facial expression and led me down the hallway.

I got to the bathroom just in time. Throwing open the toilet seat, I ducked down and vomited all that I had eaten that day - and probably that month too. I then flushed the chain and wobbled over to the sink to wash my mouth out.

Inside the bathroom mirror I could see my horrific appearance. My pallid complexion was layered with a sheet of sweat and it made the bag under my eyes much darker than I remembered them. The hair on my head was untamed and restless, not the flawless style I had combed it into at the airport's men's toilet only an hour previous to me entering this household. Or should I say hell?

Normally this messiness would have been a complete embarrassment to me and I would not have left this bathroom until I looked at the very least my usual handsome self. But at that point in time all I could think of was the spontaneous night of passion I had spent with the woman I had just recently found out to be my sister. And what was worse was the fact that, ignoring the furious outcome that exploded on the morning after, I would have easily placed that night in my top ten.

Eventually, I decided to man-up and stumbled out the bathroom short of being a nervous wreck. The only piece of wisdom my father gave to me rung like a warning bell in my mind.

"You can choose to sin, boy, but you cannot choose the consequences."

If only I had heeded those words he had uttered to me on the night of junior prom I might not have gotten myself into this shithole.

"There you are!" my mother beamed, still oblivious to the whole situation. "I was starting to think that you had fallen in."

She chuckled and led me into the living room where Karen sat perched on a worn sofa. I instantly choose the seat furthest away, refraining from any eye contact.

"I'll go make some tea," my mother said, her perkiness swallowed up by the malfeasance that filled the room. "You kids try not to have too much fun when I'm away."

The End

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