Karen: Brother.Mature

When I opened the door, I was in  a state of complete shock. I should have slammed the door in his face. Had he come looking for me or something? Oh god, what if he was one of those classic slasher flic killers who hunts down young girls...

'Is this Mrs Stevens house?' He mumbled, not making eye contact.

'Yes, why?' I snapped, reluctant to talk to the man. I should have been more shocked, really. Like, incredibly shocked that an American man, who I'd had a one-night stand with was standing on my door step asking for my mother. Or maybe me.

'What the fuck are you doing here anyway!' I blurted out quickly, and at that moment my mother slammed a heavy hand on my shoulder which was telling me that I was gonna get it for swearing in front of a stranger.

'Caleb, come in.' Or maybe not a complete stranger to my mother?

So there I was furious, shocked and on the verge of tears sat at a very awkward table, sipping at overly-sweet tea.

Caleb shifted in his seat, glancing around nervously.  Mum just sat there with her eyes averted from the two of us. I shivered. Oh my god, what if my mother had sent him as some sort of under cover spy person to see if I really would sleep with a stranger. Then she'd say I wasn't responsible enough to carry on a uni... then... oh god!

'Karen, this is your brother.'


The End

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