Karen: Death in the FamilyMature

I left the hotel, cursing as I went. I had lost my bag. And in that bag was my emergency contraception. Fuck it all. Jenna would have some and I had seventy two hours to buy some if she didn't - without throwing it back up again.

'Arg! I'm such a prick!' I grunted to myself as I fumbled with the sheet of paper which held the location of my hotel.

I shoved the postcode into google maps on my phone and stormed down the correct path.

When I reached the hotel, it took a while to convince them that I was in the same room as Jenna Hicks. But they eventually gave up and let me through

'Jenna! Jenna! Open the fuck up.' I yelled, slamming my fists onto the door, there was a groggy "yes" in reply and she opened the door; walking back to her room after she did so.

'Jen! Wake up. Pills. I need 'em. Now.' I ordered her, she gave me a small smirk and rummaged around in her handbag before handing me the small life-saving box. I took them dry, checking the back of the packet to see how many I would need to take during the week.

I slumped against the wall in relief, Jenna hovered in the dining room, 'you know,  never thought you were that safe. Taking the pills even if you... wore... shit, you didn't?' Jenna started to laugh and said during each of her giggle fits, 'haha... you... you! The super safe, frigid chick... ahaha...'

 I shifted uncomftorbly in my shoes, 'well... I got drunk, didn't I?'

She laughed and laughed, and she laughed even when she was going back to bed.

'Jenna?' I called ten minutes later.


'I have to go back home. Mum says some big shit is going down.'

'Like what?'

'Like, my sister whom I have been separated with for, like, nineteen years is coming back to England to live with mum and me. Because, y'know my parents split and he went to live with dad and I with mum?'

Jenna nodded, she'd poked her head round the door.

'Well, dad's...' I gulped, 'dad's died. And we're holding the funeral back home...' I felt the throat clog up, 'and... and sis is coming to live with us and...' I fell to the floor and broke into helpless sobs.

'Karen!' Jenna cried, throwing her arms around me as I sagged into her kind embrace.

Why does this have to happen now.

The End

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