Karen: Morning.Mature

I woke up blurry eyed, my head pounding a little. As I looked around, I noticed there was a certain person spooning me. I grinned, I'd done it. For the first time in my life -- I'd had a one night stand.

Go team Karen!

I eased out of Tyler's arms carefully, he grunted but didn't protest. I sighed as I glanced around the room, searching it for any sign of my clothing. There was none.

I instead found all of the items, mine and Tyler's tossed carelessly into the big hot tub that stood proud in his bathroom.

'Shit...' I mumbled, picking out my underwear, trousers and shirt gingerly. I had to wring them out so they wouldn't get his carpet wet(not that it already wasn't... but common courtesy!). I peeked into the mirror and I crimson flush reached my cheeks as a me in the nude stared back. I snatched a towel from the rail and wrapped it tightly around myself.

'What're you doin'.' Tyler grumbled from the doorway, he already had low-slung sweats on, it took nearly all of my willpower not to drop the towel, push him down and jump his bones.... again.

'Drying my clothes.' I replied, looking back down at the sodden mess of material in my hands.

'You can borrow a T-shirt. But you'll have to wait for your trousers and underwear  to dry. Want some breakfast?' He smiled, waking up a little. I gave a faint smile back and nodded.

I chucked my clothes onto his radiator, and as I walked out of the bathroom, Tyler slung a lazy arm over my shoulder; handing me a his T-shirt.

I smiled again, and dragged it over my head, letting the towel drop as I did so.

'Once I've had breakfast, I'll have to go. Jen'll be shitting herself about my whereabouts.' I laughed softly at the thought.

'I know.' Tyler said, he sounded a little more awake than he had previously. I just hoped he'd have his wits about him, because 'd prefer my bacon butties to be cooked through and through. Ah, but... they don't sell bacon butties in the US... fuck me. They don't know what they're living without!

'So...' I mumbled awkwardly. Tyler grinned and lifted me up onto a stool. And I was painfully aware of his large hands brushing my chest and he placed them under my armpits.

'What'll it be, Karen?'

Um... never to leave? Maybe...

The End

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