Caleb: ChampagneMature

When we entered the master's suit I allowed her time to gawp at the room.

It was a grand room. The best my company could afford. An expensive double suit complete with a queen-sized bed, satellite television, a spectacular view of the city line and a large bathroom with a five-man jacuzzi. Yes, it was a lot to take in for someone staying just outside Vegas in a bland, but cheap motel.

"C-c-can I use your bathroom?" Karen stammered the request, still wide eyed and dumbfounded. "To freshen up."

"No problem," I said, drawing up a seat and bending over to pull off my work shoes.

She smiled timidly, murmured that she wouldn't be long and disappeared into the en-suite.

She returned as just as I had shrugged on a new shirt. I noticed her gazing at me, at my body, as I was buttoning it up. I looked up at her and smiled, stifling the urge to go, "yeah, I surf." Instead I asked, "Champagne."

Karen stared at me with steady eyes before nodding.

"Please," she said, so quiet it was only a whisper.

I walked over to a bucket filled with ice and retrieved the champagne bottle I had called room service for while she was in the bathroom. Carefully trying not spill any of the thick beige carpet, I poured some into two glasses and carried them over to the bed.

Hesitantly, she came and sat beside me on the bed's edge and graciously accepted the glass.

"Here's to an unlikely friendship," I said, unaware that in the events the future held for us these words could not have been truer.

I made to toast her glass, but before they even touch she had knocks her's back and downed it quicker than my tequila.

"More please," she said, her voice rough from the alcohol.

"How about I just bring you the whole bottle?" I asked, meaning it as a joke.

"That would be good thanks," she replied, perfectly serious.

My eyebrows raised in surprise, I downed my drink and reached over to get some more champagne. She snatched the bottle from my grasp and tipped it back into her mouth.

"Woah there," I said, gently tugging it away, "I don't want you get-"

But before I could get any further her mouth was smushed against mine.

Now for an uptight and sensible person she sure knew how to kiss, but I wasn't going to let this get any further without any kind of protection. Karen would have felt incredibly regretful if I had.

"Safety first," I said when she finally pulled away only to tear my shirt off a few seconds later.

"Screw the condoms," she muttered, kissing my now bare chest. "Lets do it in the hot tub."

Well that was something I hadn't done since sophomore at college.

The End

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