Karen: RushMature

'Um, Jen, would you let me off one night?' I closed my eyes and clasped my hands together, 'do you know how long it's been?'

She studied my slightly pitiful form for a second before nodded, waving a hand. She pushed a napkin into my hand, 'that's the hotel and the room. Be back tomorrow morning, you little slag, you.' She winked and returned to her seat at the bar.

I smiled, before dashing outside of the bar.  I glanced around frantically, my eyes tracing over every face.

'Looking for someone?'

I turned around slowly, but that was partly to hide the blush that had made it's way slowly over my face.

'Yeah. Blue eyes, brown hair, know him?' I smirked, speaking cooly.

'So, what's up with that alias of yours?' Tyler smiled, he began to walk so I quickly fell into step with him.

'Um... Vegas?'

'Lame excuse.'

'I know, so, your staying in the big pyramid?' I said quickly, avoiding the idea of giving my identity to a random guy.

'The Luxor, and yes. Yes I am.' Tyler tossed me a sly glance, 'you want to see it?'

I grinned knowingly, 'bet you say that to everyone.'


We walked in silence for a couple of minutes, and we were obviously heading towards his hotel. Which, at this moment in time, didn't seem to be a very bad idea. But, then again, that could be the little alcohol I had going to my head.

I really have tolerance for the stuff.

'So, you going to tell me or not?'

'What?' I asked, confused as we approached the pretty epic sight of the Luxor.

'Susan, or Karen. Which should I call you?'

I turned my head to avoid him catching the blush once again, 'Karen.'

He nodded and we made for the rotating door, and it all kind of happened in a rush.

Door, key, room, bed.

And what happened after that was something I have never done outside of a relationship. Ever.

The End

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