Caleb: SusanMature

"So what part of England are you from?" I asked over my glass of tequila.

"North London," she said, politely sipping at her non-alcoholic cocktail.

It was clear that this girl, though beautiful and attractive, was unbelievably uptight and never broke the rules. She fiddled with her napkin in a nervous manner and glanced around frantically, her bright blue eyes never fixing on one spot for more than a second.

"And may I ask what your name is?" I smiled, trying to break the tension I could see forming between us.

"Susan," she responded curtly.

By her wavering tone I knew she was lying, but I didn't want to point her obviousness out and cause her any unnecessary embarrassment.

"Susan," I repeated, as if trying out it out for size, "I'm Tyler."

I thought I might as well give her a fake name too seeing as we probably were never going to meet again. I stuck out a hand for her to shake. She looked at it and blinked, as if unaware of this friendly gesture.

"Karen!" A feminine voice called from across the bar. "Karen, there you are! I have been looking all over for you."

A women, around the same age as 'Susan' strode towards our table. She pulled up a chair and sat down, giving me a long appreciating look.

"Wow you work fast. Who's the cutie, Karen?"

"Tyler," she mumbled to her friend, her cheeks flooding crimson.

"Nice to meet you Tyler," she beamed, shaking my hand - so it appeared the British were familiar with the gesture then.

"Likewise, um?"

"Jen," she giggled, her eyes still watching me hungrily.

"Well," I said, downing the rest of my tequila in one big gulp, "I'd love to stay and chat but I really need to get back to my hotel room-"

"Where are you staying?" Jen cut me off and her whole expression seemed to demand that I don't leave just yet.

"The Luxor," I replied, causing both girls to gasp.

"Really," she squeaked. "The big pyramid-y building?"

"Yep," I said, pretending not to notice Jen hissed to her friend to ask for my number. "But ladies, I really do have to go. I have a meeting to attend to in an hour, and if I'm late my boss will screw at me."

As I got up from the table to leave I took one last look back at Susan/Karen who was staring at me with half-mortification and half-admiration. And, though it was unlikely, I found myself hoping that I would see her again.

The End

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