For WM


The moment I saw you

You had my attention

I couldn't help but like you

Someone I didn't even know

Had stolen my heart

Finally I started talking to you

It just didn't feel right

The age difference and all

But finally I got to know you in person

You taught me how to breathe without air

I felt so alone

So left out

But you came into my life and you changed that

I have never felt so wanted

So accepted


You are THE best thing that has happened to me so far

Every moment with you


Every hug


Every kiss


We didn't know how to keep things

A secret or public?

It was a difficult decision.

I wanted the world to know we were together

But I didn't want "Us" to be exposed to the evil that the world holds.

Somehow things got around.

"HE" found out.

My brother.

He wouldn't have us together. He hates you.

You hate him.

But I'm NOT my brother.

You know that.

But does he?

Does my dad?

Because now we can't be together

He took my ENTIRE world away from me

Everything that was SO good is now..


How can I live in a world where I have nothing?

He doesn't care.

He has his girlfriend

They're "perfect" according to him..

But me?

Does he care about me?

I'm his lil sister.

I'm his only sister.

His only sibling period.

Why doesn't he care about my feelings.

I know he wants to hurt you

Because of ya'lls feuds

But does he even care about how I feel?

Tears FLOOD my eyes out as I feel the pain


Pain has never sounded so good

You see..

Pain that brings me back to that day.

That day I saw you

Pain that brings me back to those two weeks.

Isn't that sad?

The thing that reminds me of you is..


Thats all my brother gave me to keep

My heart will ALWAYS be shattered

Shattered just like glass

No use in fixing it

I will only hurt myself worse.

But one day W.M.

We WILL be together.

One day we will stop the entire world

To be together

I love you always.

You've stolen my heart and won't give it back.

And thats ok.

Its forever yours.

The End

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