The Gods of Wind and Thier Odd BlessingsMature

The dusted road winded steadily ahead of Talus's feet slowly increasing its hieght through the mountain ridge. It was getting dark as the sun sank imbehind a large cresenct shaped mountain named the Sulally which came from a long dead language that only a few elders could remember. That is if they were lucky enough to escape the insanity that usually took those who had lived to long.  From what Talus had gathered on his travels that Sullaly literally meant 'collector of sun' this wasn't terribly important information to most people but to Talus a fugitive of wintervame as well as amatuer historian and he knew from some more common folk tales a ancient ruin was reffered to as the temple which could be found if one were to follow the rays of light to the end of the world.  There was a slim chance that he was wrong but at any rate no one would capture him in the shadow of Sullaly.

As he continued to walk a wind picked up and did not stop as it slowly gathered in strength. For the next few moments Talus struggled to keep his ground as the wind began picked up the dust that had settled on the road, and small rocks pelting Talus as he held his ground. It was no use though as the wind got even stronger and soon a wieghtlessness took hold carrying him away along with the dust and rocks.  Suddenly the feeling vanished and he was sent inta free fall still powerless to controls his movements as he began to flip through the air catching glimpses of golden feild far beneath him. His insides began to squirm as fear and vertigo took over him.  As he continued to fall the more he found out what it was like to be truly powerless to do anything.  He was going to die and there was nothing he could to stop it. Just like there was nothing he could do when he was forced to become as soldier to serve a man he knew nothing about.  He did another rotation through the air not even questioning how he could have ended up here and accepted his fate when sudenly he was plucked from the air and thrown heavily against a shining marble floor.

 The air in his chest was forced out as he slide across the floor noisily with his armour scraping across it. To confused to what exactly was going on he lay motionless on the shining floor trying to regain his breath while keeping his eyes closed as if to black out the reality that was presenting itself to him. ....

to be properly finished

The End

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