Talus NamreMature

Days after being attacked in the forest the man had managed to find himself on a dusted mountain path that had been more commonly used by mountain goats then the men that it had been belt for.  The path had taken many years of weathering and other abuses from the elements and the creatures that strode on it. The cobble stones and rocks that where used to make it had had many scuffs, and scratches, some had crumpled away while others left large depressions of the ground from where they used to be. To the mans right laid a large golden forest within a long and wide valley that could been mistaken for a sea of gold when the wind blew strong enough. In the middle of the valley a river meandered through like a snake making its way to a lake far off in the distance shrouded by a heavy mist. On the other side of the valley laid sharp jagged black mountains that had been given the name dragon pass.  Talus the name of the big man was unsure of how the mountain range had been given the name. He had never met a man that had passed through dragon pass that said he had met a dragon but then again maybe he never met a man that had actually passed  through the pass.

It was quite trivial to the events at hand but Talus was quite content on ignoring the things that were at hand. To him it was better to not think of the many wars that the greedy kings had waged upon each other.  It was better to think that he was not searched for at this very moment for deserting his post among the Snow prince's men. No undoubtedly the snow prince had called him an enemy of wintervame now, as well as treasonous traitor with no honour loyalty or strength. The once great hero known as the chimerakiller had fallen greatly.  Talus cringed at the thought he did not deserve to be called a hero or given such a valiant title as chimerakiller. It was not his work that he had managed to survive and fend off one of the chimera warriors of the southern country Haroing. Many of his comrades had died that day and he only had managed to kill the beast by striking form behind hitting a soft spot while it fed on his friend.

Talus shuttered at the memory, he was no military man he did not care to see the lights leave the eyes of his friends, nor his enemy's. His sword work was horrendous but his instincts, strength were however sharp but his reflexes left something to be desired. He was clumsy, and even more so when he was in a situation that demanded clarity as well as the courage to wield a sword.  How Talus ever found himself marching in the name of his king and country was still a mystery because it had happened so fast. He did suspect however that it was the kings doing because in one moment he was walking the streets in a confused dazed wondering how he could be so misfortune to have been robbed on the streets as well as find out his sister was missing. While he strolled through Wintervame's capital Snowhael trying to put himself together they grabbed him and quite soon enough he found himself learning the basics of swordplay and battle.

Now he was away from the battle, and the bloodshed, far away,or so he thought. He had returned to being a simple traveller of the land or as some said a ranger. Talus like to fancy himself a ranger sometimes but he was only mediocre at the art of hunting, and never did he volunteer himself into a job that would put his life on the line. Unfortunately for Talus that was about to change because it was unlikely that the gods would allow him to pursue that fate. Not that the gods had any control over anyone’s fate nor did they usually care for human affairs but the world of humans and gods were colliding and whether Talus liked it or not he was part of it because of fraudulent position of a fallen hero.

The End

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