For the RealmMature

A fantasy novel in a place where everyone is for themselves.

In the dim pink light of the suns set sprawled a golden forest slowly swaying with a light breeze with the scent of drying sap drifting upon it. All appeared calm and serene until the sound of a larger man carelessly stomped heavy footed into a slow flowing creek.  With quick and powerful strides he was move across aa small opening among the trees his heavy breathing filling the air, and the jangling of his arms and armour clanging together destroyed the serene quietness of the forest.  Not to long after him followed other men dressed in familiar garb but they were smaller, leaner and , faster they were catching up to the man. Ahead of the man who was being chased was another series of obstacles and challenges of stamina for all he saw was broken stumps, dead trees and foliage that would stop him dead.

The man grabbed the leather hilt of a blade that  rested on his hips and stopped himself with his powerful legs that tore up the soft ground underneath. His blade whipped out violently missing his assailants by mirror inches as they fell over to dodge the possibly lethal blow. With the quickness of cats though they were behind him wielding smaller, nimbler blades that had taken many lives before.

"We are not here to kill you. Lay down your sword coward and your life will be spared." Said one of the men. Both looked exactly the same because their faces had been masked  behind a dark cloth that only revealed dark black eyes with the sharp determination to never fail.

"For the time being." Finished the other.

Unlike the two that stood behind him the man's face was uncovered his face was still young, but showed some experience and weathering from the years that he was presented with. His eyes were a sharp green, and his hair was light brown almost blond. Although behind a light beard it was hard to make out the faint scar that ran across his right cheek like a jagged ridge it brought attention to a sharp, powerful jawline.  In return to the two's comments the man grunted turning around wielding his one blade against the two smaller ones with a face calm face that was unlike a coward's.

" So be it. If you won't die like a man on the field die a man here." One of the men sneered darting to the right while his partner darted to the left. Both of them moved precisely in synchronization it was hard to track their movements let alone defend against them.  Unsure of what to do the man played along charging forwards and swinging his sword violently before him hitting nothing as the two had managed distance themselves in time. Now given an opportunity the man kicked up the loosened earth onto the mans face before turning to the right. The shout of surprise and anguish meant he had successfully for the time being disabled on of his assailants leaving the other to fend for himself. The two obviously needed their teamwork to take down this larger stronger man.

Even with the temporary loss of his team mate the smaller man took on the big man swinging his sword gracefully towards the bigger man that blocked with an awkward strike from the ground which even though was clumsy and stupid still overpowering the smaller man causing to loosen his grip on his hilt.  A sharp ting reverberated through the air, as the man stepped backwards trying to keep his balance.  The bigger man was obviously an unskilled swordsmen with strength and some form of cunning on his side. He awkwardly brought the sword up going for a downward strike as his oppenent fumbled to keep his balance with the underbrush undermining his once graceful movements.  Fear came over the bigger man as he brought his sword downwards in a dangerous arc. It was never was intention to kill the man but in the excitement he had lost his sense of his own strength.  The sound of metal on metal filled the air shortly followed by a blood curtling scream as his sword tip carved its way through the proud silver armour and the soft now red flesh.  The smaller man fell to the ground screaming in a terrible pain as he watched his own life blood drain away from him.Behind him came a shout of anger and hatred.

"I will kill you!" Shouted the other man.

The bigger man turned slowly slowed by fear and reality of what he had done his sword was still held tightly in his hand as he unknowingly pointed it at the charging man who caught the blade on his causing him to shriek out in pain as his own blade cut across the mans shoulder breaking off the shoulder plate and leaving a cut that began to bleed heavily.  They both stepped away from each other holding their respective wounds.

"You win for now coward! But note this; not only are you a deserter but now your are a traitor of Northern lands of Wintervame ,and we will find you. I will find you." He cursed in anger not daring to take any steps closer to the bigger man.  The bigger grunted in return sheathing his bloodied sword, and turned away not making any notion that he cared for the man's words.

"COWARD!" screamed a voice in the distance.  The man looked back for a moment with a feeling of fear, and joy for he had managed to buy a great many more days of life, but fear of what was to come.

The End

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