Daniel Paulson: SarahMature

Sarah. I thought I'd enjoyed her company before entering the cafeteria and sitting down to eat with her. Now she was blowing my mind.

She was so deep... I had previously thought that all girls of her age were shallow and out just for one thing. But Sarah had an integrity that shone through, an understanding of the profound and an extremely romantic view of the world.

She told me all about herself. About how she was an optimist: if you were a pessimist, you coudln't motivate yourself to help others and helping others was the most important thing in the world. How she enjoyed making people feel happy, saying that other's people contentment was like food for the soul. How she adored poetry: the beauty of language and the inspiring nature of the world around us. She opened up my mind to see things the way she did. Every part of nature radiated a colourful aura and each thing was mystical, held a key to the secret of the meaning of life. Sarah was ... incredible. Her aura was the brightest: an indescribable myriad of colours. She was serene, peaceful and had an impossibly large heart. I think I spent most of lunch staring into her eyes and just absorbing what she was telling me: she was totally captivating.

Totally captivated... I wandered off to my room after the meal, my emotions in a whirl. I didn't think I could talk anymore with Sarah without collapsing or asking her to marry me.

Inside, I found my room mate.

"Hey," I said. "I'm Daniel."

The incredibly tall  guy turned to me and smiled. He had quite long dark brown hair, and dark brown eyes.

"Hi," he said quietly, and I sensed he was a little shy. "My name's Sander."

"Cool name," I said. I wandered over to my bed and flopped down at it. I stared at the ceiling, reliving the conversation I had had with Sarah.

Sander left the room. I appreciated the solitude and the opportunity for contemplation.

Sarah... She was out of my league with a personality like that. I felt confident that we could be amazing friends though. I smiled at the thought of sharing at least a little bit of her world.

The End

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