Mrs BrightsideMature

"No. Yeah. I totally agree."

I twirled my plastic fork around the half-empty salad container. A pudgy spikey-haired guy in a Kings of Leon t-shirt was sitting across from me, chewing with his mouth open. Bryce Landon Tohmes--or "BLT" as I affectionately called him--was probably my best friend at Saint Crambridge. It was a little pathetic if you thought about it, but he was a nice guy and we shared a lot of interests. 

Our little table was in the corner of the cafeteria that was pretty much reserved for "weirdos". Band geeks, stoners, and the kids who thought they were vampires. If you had to but BLT and myself in a category, it would probably have to be "stoners". It's not like I'm a huge druggie or whatever, I'm not. But most of the kids I hang out with are.

"A lotta new kids this year. Any mysterious ladies caught your eye?"

I winked at him. I had caught him staring longingly across the cafeteria towards a table full of giggling girls. "Pssh, no." He rolled his eyes halfheartedly. One of the many similarities that we shared was an extreme pickiness when it came to the opposite sex. I wanted a guy who played bass in an indie-punk band with warm grey eyes and a lip piercing. BLT wanted a curvy redhead who wore blue lipstick and enjoyed the poetry of Edgar Allen Poe. We had both constructed our dream partner inside of our heads, and anything less would be a disappointment.

"I think I've pretty much given up on ever meeting anyone half decent--I'll just be boyfriendless until I jet of to University a billion years from now." 

He tossed a potato chip at my head. "Carson! Don't be like that, prince charming will come along sooner or later." Now it was my turn to roll my eyes. "BLT, I know for a fact that you don't believe in that fairytale shit." He shrugged his shoulders.

"You're such a pessimist."

Was I? I liked to think of it more as being realistic. There was no such thing as true love when your sixteen years old, it wasn't going to happen. The girls who did land boyfriends always ended up heartbroken anyway, what was I really missing out on?

One table over a pair of Anime geeks were furiously making out, fake cat-ears and all. I sighed.

The End

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