Gotta Love the CafeteriaMature

Ah, the cafeteria. Cramped with students and it smells like week old Chinese food which is not a pleasant smell. I should know this--Chinese food was particularly my life line for a good percentage of my childhood.

After meeting my roommate with the very brief exchange of hi's and hello's, I scurried of to check out the rest of school. Cambridge was a grand place. Nothing to preppy looking, but not entirely boring either. It had everything from a tennis court to a theater. The school was not half-bad, I'll give it that, but it was no Berlin for sure.

When I returned to my room, the shower was running and I found the pile on the other bed increased with more junk and clothes. It seemed as if my roommate was already making herself at home. Good for her; better to settle in before I do.

I began to unpack at my own pace. Stuffing comic books under my bed along with certain things that should never be mentioned, I found my stomach aching for food. I hadn't eaten since the flight. And that's why I'm here, obviously. Though I was regretting every second of it.

I took a table with few people. Which meant they were unlikely to talk to me considering I sent glares toward them a times, maybe? It's not that I'm unsocial; I'm simply in no mood to speak to people. It comes with the wonders of being me.

But someone just had to approach. The girl seemed worried or nervous. I couldn't tell, but it was probably both considering the tone of her voice. "Um...can I sit here?" She was definitely uneasy...

When I looked up her and glared, I think she may have jumped at how intensely I looked at her. Ironically, I agreed for her to sit with me. "Thanks..." she murmured with gratitude.

We ate in silence for a while, but the girl seemed to muster the courage to start a conversation. "So...Sonya, right? Is this your first year or...?"

I nodded. "Yes, first year. And how do you know my name?"

She looked a bit embarrassed, but relaxed as well. "Uh...we're roommates. I'm Gracie-we met earlier."


"I thought your name was Macy." I bluntly stated, making it clear that I was either being rude and frank or that I'm terrible with names. Personally, I think I'm a bit of both. 

"No, it's Gracie," Macy-I mean Gracie, smiled a bit and I think she even giggled too. "Nice to meet you again, Tonya." She held out her hand to shake.

I smirked, greatly amused and shook her hand. "Why it's nice to meet you too, Macy."

The End

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