Gracie LiddelMature

My heart was fluttering like a butterfly who had just popped a fistful of Adderall. My very first meal at Saint Crambridge! I bit down on my lower lip and started twirling a chunk of hair around my finger. It's sort of a tic of mine to mess with my hair when I'm nervous.

I wanted to make a good impression on my classmates, I wanted them to like me. Most importantly I wanted to actually make friends. At my old school I barely even spoke to anyone, I had all of three friends that I hung out with regularly.

This year absolutely had to be different. I was starting at a new school and everything had to be amazing! I wanted so desperately to cast off my image as the shy girl who wore oversized sweaters with horses on them and practically lived with her hair in a ponytail.

Stepping into the cafeteria, I was greeted with the fantastic scent of food. Food, food, food. Fears about making friends and fitting in were pushed to the very back of my consciousness, right now I needed something to eat. I got in line behind an abnormally tall redheaded girl who spoke with a very thick Italian accent. 

The line moved quickly, and before I knew it I was standing alone in the middle of the cafeteria with a tray full of food and nowhere to sit. So I just stood there for a couple of seconds, admiring my rice pilaf.

I was woefully uncomfortable and underprepared. Was I just supposed to plop myself down at some random table? I had only been on campus for a couple of  hours, I didn't know anyone yet!

The only person in the entire room who I recognized was my roommate, Sonya. I had only ever talked to her when I quietly muttered "Hi" upon entering our room, hopefully she remembered me. "Um... can I sit here?" I held my tray close to my chest, running my finger over a scratch in the plastic.

The End

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