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I sat down on my new bed, sighing contently. This was just heaven…me in Saint Crambridge, a new start, new friends, getting a taste of freedom and independence…this was just what I wanted. I had to admit that saying goodbye to my family was much easier then I thought it would be. Being too caught up with the excitement that they’d finally said yes to me going to Saint Crambridge Academy, I barely noticed all the tears coming from them. But Alberta was only a few hours flight away from Cheshire and I promised to visit them in Christmas time. But that was for later…

Cause now I was here…and this was going to be a great school year!

Being the sociable person I am, I’m pretty sure I’ll make a lot of friends quickly. Maybe my roommate and I would be good friends too! That would really be awesome. With a smile on my face, I lay down on the bed, placing my hands behind my head and looking up at the ceiling.

Saint Crambridge was one of the most famous schools here. And to think that I’d gotten admission into it was a pretty damn big accomplishment. The day I received the letter, I’d literally jumped with joy even though I knew my parents probably wouldn’t accept till a while later. But I didn’t mind that, I had a whole month left to convince them. And in the end I did.

My eyes closed as my thoughts swirled off to distant whispers. Sleep reigned.


When I woke up, I instantly got up and picked up my phone on my bedside table. Six P.M! I’d slept for eight hours! Well that definitely proved the part about me not being a morning person. Just as I was about to get out the bed, I noticed that the blanket covers were over me; someone had tucked me in! Looking at the bed on the side of me, I noticed some luggage.

So my roommate was considerate…that was nice to know.

I hurried out my jacket and dressed into something different, combed my hair, and left the residence building. Dinner had probably started already and I’d missed out on lunch. I was late and hungry and thirsty to make new friends. The cafeteria would be the perfect place.

The End

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