Sonya L. LoveMature

"You'll be fine," he said. Lies! Whatever possessed my father to enroll me into this...this prison is evil. Completely and utterly evil.

When I arrived with my escort, one of my brothers, I was tired and worn out. My legs and arms were stiff and my head was pulsing with the agony of jetlag. Apparently, my body hated sitting down for good long hours-oh, and also my ears couldn't take the sound of crying babies.

Damn those babies.

But in all honesty I wasn't all too unhappy to leave Berlin. I may have been born there and lived there for the last four years, but...that apartment did get a tad boring on more than one occasion. I hoped America and St. Cambridge would be a breath of fresh air.

Later on when I arrived at the school, Andrew said his goodbyes to me before speeding off to start his second year at university. He almost seemed to be happy to let me go...the prick. I made a mental note to murder him when I see him again.

When I was taken to my room by that creepy guy, I settled to take the bed that didn't have clothing and personal items scattered on top. Apparently I have a roommate that I hopefully won't hate.

I placed my suitcase at the feet of my bed before falling into the bed. My back relaxed a bit, but I couldn't but stir. "My bed is so much more comfortable." I muttered to myself and frowned at how un-puffy the blanket was.

I sighed.

This was "my" bed from now on.

The End

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