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Wow, America was so ... different. I mean, I knew about the stricter laws on drinking, Capital Punishment (I shivered at the thought) and the differences in spelling but moving here made me realise just how different it was. Maybe it was because I'd lived in England for the past fifteen years of my life but everything seemed ... strange... Alien, almost. The accent was different, the currency was different, the taxis were different. I fancied that even the sky was different.

My first few months of settling in really showed me the American culture. When the new year began for American schools, I felt ready to make friends and fit in.


By some miracle, I had managed to retain my British accent. As I was taken on a tour around the campus on the day before lessons officially began (I was boarding so needed to be shown where everything was), people stared at me as if they couldn't quite believe I was from Europe.

I met a few other students while on this tour but one in particular stood out from the rest. His name was Daniel Paulson.

He was from New York and told me that he wanted to get away from the city lights and the noise and the rush. I found that quite appealing about him, but I think it was more to do with that dreamy look that came into his eyes which sparkled when he was excited. Those warm brown trusting trustworthy eyes held mine and I was captivated by the message they conveyed as well as interested in what he had to say.

But what most attracted me to him was the constant soulful expression on his face. No matter what he was feeling, what he was saying, he always looked soulful. That, I think, made me start to fall in love with him.

The End

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