Sander WilliamsMature

I walked into the school campus of Saint Crambridge, ignoring the eyes that found their way to me. I hated the fact that I had to come to a damn boarding school. I understood my parent’s situation to send me here. Since the demise of ojjisan (grandfather), obaasan (grandmother) needed both my parents there for her. The schools back in Japan weren’t all that good for me so my parents decided to send me to the famous historical school of Cheshire.

I sighed as I entered the school office. A stout woman behind the counter looked up from her reading glasses and inspected me. “You are?”

“Sander Williams.”

The woman handed my schedule and other school necessities before clapping her hands at a tall, muscular man leaning against the wall a few feet away from us.

“John! Take this young man to his room.”

“And my bags?”

“They’ll be sent to your room in around a half hour.” Then losing whatever little interest she’d had in me, she went back to typing away in her laptop.

“Melinda’s not the best welcome-r here,” John said grinning at me as we walked out the office and towards a few buildings. He seemed to be in his twenties, quite young really. What was he doing here in a school like this?

“I work in the school office for part time job. I actually go to the university nearby but I heard the school needed an accountant and I was up for it so I joined here. They often make me do more then just type in numbers in calculators though,” he said.

I just nodded and followed him silently. I’m not that much of a talkative person even though I’m surrounded by lots of ‘em and my social group of friends mostly consisted of guys who make complete asses of themselves. Hopefully I’d make some decent friends here.

“Well here we are, Sander is it?”

The room was pretty…comfy looking you could say but it had two desks, two wardrobes, two beds; nearly two of everything.

“It’s not a single room per student here?” I asked John, eyebrow raised.

“Nope. You’re going to have a roommate, a guy of course. Too bad it’s not a girl huh?” He winked at me with a sly grin. John was an obvious playboy and I was pretty sure that I was not going to be joining him if he ever invited me in his times of ‘leisure’.

“But it’s actually not that big of a loss since the girls wings are just across the hall. Anyways, I should get going so you could set up and get used and all,” he tilted his head towards the guy who entered the room, carrying my bags. “Hope you have a good time in Saint Crambridge academy Sander.”

I really hope I do too.

The End

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