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Sometimes bad things happen to good people.

No one really ever knows why.

But how could we?

God saves us. Right?

From all evil?

So why exactly could something like this happen?

To tell you the truth. I have NO idea. 

Bad things happen to good people. All the time.

Think about what he's thinking. His family. And you.

It kills me cause I can only THINK of the pain.

But you MUST pray. Pray to God.

He will help you. He will guiide you.

Lift your head up. And know everything that happens..

Happens for a reason.

God works in mysterious ways..

I've recently found that out.

Although we may not accept it. Or even agree with it.

We can't change it.

Gods word.. Is THE word.

But God is filled with NO evil.

Whatever happens.. Is the best.

Maybe not for you.

Or his family.

But maybe for him.

Lift your head up high again and show us your gorgous smile.

I can assure you everything will be ok.

What we think is bad down here.. Could be extremely good in Heaven.

Like the death of a loved one.

If you only knew where they were going.

I don't.. But God does. And I'm more then excited to find out.

EVERYTHING will be ok.

Because sometimes we are so covered up by the pain..

That we make things up and see false statements like,

"Bad things happen to good people"

The End

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