Flying Carpets - Short Essay

What would happen if the world had flying carpets? The musings of a young girl.... COMPLETE

Oh, if only I had a flying carpet.

I mean, if I did have a flying carpet, I wouldn’t even be here! I’d be flying off to some distant land like Africa or London, or, if I wasn’t in serious danger of carpet
turbulence (Is there such thing?), America, maybe. If only EVERYONE had a
flying carpet! Oh, the changes. I mean, flying carpets rock. I would give away
half my possessions to get one. Well, no, not really, unless I could sell the
carpet for MORE… and get more money in return. Otherwise, I don’t think so.

But flying carpets would be SO useful. As in, everybody would love to be able to fly on a magic carpet. Flying like that is not something you can do every day. Airplanes
are no comparison. Helicopters? I don’t think so. How about parasailing? Umm,
let’s try again.

But now, picture it in your head. Imagine, if we had actually managed to create the phenomenal magic carpet 200 years ago… what would it look like?

Boom! Think, the new, updated version of a flying carpet, maybe with ACs, maybe with heaters…then again, maybe with speeding tickets, maybe with petrol… maybe with all the faults that all our nowadays transports cause – POLLUTION.

One of the flying carpet’s main purposes is most probably the fact that we can’t actually pollute with a flying carpet, because it runs on magic. (That’s also a reason why I love it so much.)

But if we figured out how to make it, couldn’t we figure out how to make a non-pollutant, super efficient, crazy awesome flying carpet? What if we did? What would happen THEN?

Ok, never mind. Let’s think of what a NORMAL flying carpet phenomena would be like.

Would it come in different types, like possibly Wool or Rug, just like Nissan and Mercedes? Would it come in different colors? Would you needa driving license? Would it have cushions for seats? Or would we get seats?  Can it be bus-sized for bus-sort of things? Would you have to pay for a taxi-carpet? Would you need to?

And what about cars? Will we leave them? Will we use them as back-up, as some people use bicycles as? What about bicycles? What if we move on to UFOs? What if we don’t, since they pollute? What if flying carpets DO pollute? Will we leave them for cars again? But don’t cars pollute too? Will we realize that and move back to bicycles?

What if we get carpet-sickness, like car sickness? Will washing it ruin the magic engine? Does it HAVE a magic engine or does it just run on magic? What if we run into a cloud? Will we NOT get wet, or will we invent something to help us not get wet – or electrocuted? Doesn’t that already come in ‘non-pollutant, super efficient, crazy awesome flying carpet’? Does it not?

Oh well. Some ideas are better left ideas.


The End

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