Shote: Boring

The assembly began and I became extremely bored. I didn't really enjoy school I jus liked to be with people. When teachers begin to lecture me on mathematical equations and such I would rather be tested in a lab by those many goverment scientist, and I hated that.

" When this assembly is done your are more than welcome to stay but are suggested to go home."

Okay isn't that odd the schedule did mention they would be some sorta fun and games , and meeting the teachers outside of the classrom.What is going on? I ask my self the teachers take the guides into another room.  Well maybe they are going too get told about. I slink out into the hallways under the guise i'm going inot the bathroom. I let myself believe I'am a fly and my form begins to shift quickly.Not too soon do I find myself taking up less than an inch of space in the hallway buzzing around in the hallway. I head underneath gym door, and fly up knowing people where going to be swatting at me if I stayed at head level. I head to the door the teacher took the guide, and slip under the door , and land on an unused overhead.

This should be interesting.

The End

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