Dan: the fun continues!

'Is this your first...semester?' Eleanor asked me and I opened my mouth to answer but the tannoy blared into life before I could get a word out.

'Orientation groups back to the gym please, orientation groups to the gym. Thank you.' I saw Jenny hit her friend- was it Mike? I think so, usually I had a knack for remembering names- and then he turned to address the group.

'Okay, guys, let's get back! Follow me and Jenny.'

I turned to Eleanor and Drew. 'And the fun continues.' They both laughed a little, but I had a feeling Drew was still a bit peed off. Well, I knew she was. Her eyes were searing into Eleanor's side and if Drew actually had heat vision she would have burned a shoulder off by now. At least. I remembered I hadn't answered Eleanor before. 'Yeh, we only just moved. I live a couple of roads down with my aunt for the time being, until Mum can find us our own place.'

Eleanor nodded. I liked how she wasn't asking all the prying questions. Drew fell silent as we entered the gym, and I felt a bit bad. I made a mental note to introduce her to Charlie when he came over to visit in a month's time. We sat through  a depressingly boring lecture and then Jenny and Mike went to some meeting of guides.

'Do you think there's something wrong?'

The End

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