Hayden:All this trouble

The teacher who had 'caught' me wandering around without a guide was calling over the guides from the other side of the hall. I leant against the wall, bored at the proceedings, and waited until the reached this side. I noticed two girls in particular, who looked friendly, and grinned at them. The red haired one smiled back, and I realised being here wouldn't be so bad. Even if she thought I was a boy like every other person I met it would be fun to get to know her.

"This is Hayden Johnson everyone. Apparently," the teachers voice now had a touch of sarcasm in it and I pulled a face, "some of us couldn't find their group this morning and decided to go wandering off." The girl with the red hair smiled at me again, and the teacher noticed.

"Maeve, could you please take Hayden on a quick tour after the assembly?"

"Yes Sir"

"Good. Now Hayden, go and sit down whilst I have a little chat with the guides please."

I shrugged and walked over to the nearest group. 

The End

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