Maeve: Returning

'You didn't answer my question.'  Shote kept pace with me as I walked briskly towards the gym.

'Sorry, what was it?'

'How long have you been here?'

'Not long really, a couple of years, but it feels like a lot longer.'  He laughed with me about that one.

'So is that what I've got to look forward to?'

'Well..'  I considered.  'You seem to enjoy school more than me so it won't drag so much.'

'Shame.'  We got to the gym and there was a teacher calling all of the guides over to one side of the hall.

'Everyone stay here.  We'll be back in a moment.'  I addressed to group then, as I turned to leave my eyes met Shote's and I pulled a bored face.  He laughed.

'I wonder what the problem is this time.'  Rhiannon was rolling her eyes at the possibilities.  'A lost group?  What went wrong last year?'

'Someone locked themselves in a locker wasn't it?'  Rhiannon smiled at the memory of it.

'Of course.  How could I forget that?'

The End

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