Shote: Back to start why?

It was a cool room I had to admit , and I was glad I had a guide who felt it important that people remember something about his school. As we all looked at the common room taking up the fact this is probably going to be the hub of all lunch and break activities.

" Alright just a quick tour of the wings and then it will be assembly." Maeve says rounding up our very sluggish group. 

I noticed the only ones who weren't sluggish other than Maeve was Winston a sorta of snotty looking kid with dark hair. He had this look on his face where it seemed we are all below him. Well perhaps later pissing him off will be fun.We begin to exit the common room , and I catch up to Maeve.

" How long have you been going here?" I ask.

Just as she was going to ask the P.A goes off calling all tours to go back to the gym.

" That seemed to brief." I mutter.

" Yeah that was that means somethings up." Maeve says then begins to usher us back to the gym.

The End

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