Jenny : To the Gym!

I held the package of papers in my hand as Mike and I ran down the list of lockers and to which students they belonged.

"Rachael, 34, Michelle, 42, Drew, 36" I was half way down the list when a girl flat-out ran into me. I stumbled back, Mike catching me, and looked at her.

"Hi! I'm Jenny," I said, regaining my composure. I smiled at her, trying to calm her down. She seemed flustered.

"I'm Eleanor, sorry, I kinda went with the wrong group" said the girl nervously.

"S'ok, why don't you join everyone else. Your locker is . . . #54, right next to a boy named Dan!" Eleanor smiled at me before she walked over to her locker, Dan saying "hi" to her as she approached and the girl to his left glaring at Eleanor.

"Touchy," I pointed at the girl and said to Mike. He laughed his husky laugh and smiled at me.

"Someone jealous?" he cocked an eyebrow.

"WHAT!?" I exploded. Our whole group stared at me and I heard Mike behind me trying to hold in a laugh. "Carry on," I said, smiling as I punched Mike in the gut. "Why would I be jealous?" I scoffed.

"Just wondering,"

"Orientation groups back to the gym please, orientation groups to the gym. Thank you," A scratchy voice said over the P.A.

"Okay guys, let's get back! Follow me and Jenny!" Mike and I led the group back to the Gym where we sat through a half-an-hour lecture about school rules. Several times, Mike let out a loud snore that I had to hide my face in my arms to stop from bursting out laughing.

Well,I thought to myself, At least the year is starting on a good note.

The End

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