Dan: Impressive start.

The girl leading our group, Jenny I think her name was, was showing everyone their lockers. Drew was still flicking her hair at me, and I was trying to appear friendly but not that interested, because...well, I wasn't. Not yet anyway- the only things she'd said were imitations of my accent, which she said made me sound "really like the Queen...omygosh are you related?". It wasn't the most impressive start. I could hear Charlie now going, 'What the fudge? She's really hot!' but I'm weird like that, ie. not choosing a girl based on looks. Charlie would probably call me a woman for this remark.

A girl suddenly fly past our group and ran into a room. Just seconds later she dashed back out of the room and came whirlwinding towards us, her hair flailing behind her and giving the general impression of a tornado. All I saw was her rapidly nearing Drew, who was oblivious to this scene behind her and was about to be sent flying herself. I acted fast: maybe looking back this wasn't the best technique to stop her following me. I jumped and pulled Drew to the ground, and the other girl ran past us and instead bumped into Jenny, but with slightly less impact as I'd been imagining. The girl went on to introduce herself as Eleanor and make some hurried apologies. I realised I was still bent over Drew and stood up awkwardly, brushing off my jeans. Drew stood up, in a daze. 'You...what happened? Was that girl going to bump into me? Did you just SAVE MY LIFE?'

I could tell that anything I said was not going to get through to her and instead turned to Eleanor, who was now trying to appear inconspicuous. I half-smiled at her: my way of an apology for making such a fuss.

'Hi, I'm Dan.'

The End

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