Eleanor: Late

My alarm beeped and I checked the time...."Oh crud! I'm gonna be late!"

I pulled a brush through the tangled mess that was my long blonde hair, got dressed in jeans and a blue T and then ran full pelt in the direction of the school.

My bag was heavy and slowed me down considerably but I made it just as my group was going into a room  "This is probably one of the rooms you will spend most of your time in, the upper year's common room.  Everyone in."

I laughed under my breath, harry potter whizzing through my head. Our group leaders talked about the rules and such while we looked around, Cool hang out space...perfect for highschool. I smiled, taking in everyone's faces.

I stopped on one, a boy with his nose in the air, looking as if he smelled something bad. Must be one of those stuck up types....this guy is gonna be a barrel of laughs.... I sighed and looked around the room again.

"Hey kid! Your in the wrong group, you should be with Jenny"

My cheeks flushed scarlet "Ooops, sorry." I pegged it down the hall and bumped into a gir. She turned and smiled "Hi, I'm Jenny"

"I'm Eleanor, sorry, I kinda went with the wrong group"

The End

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