Jenny : Names!

When Mike and I got to the gym I grabbed a package of papers from Lindsay, who was standing by the gym doors, and made my way to the centre of the gym.

"So," I said to Mike as the new kids started filing in, "Who do you think is going to make a show this year?" I flew my hands up in front of me as if I was motioning to a banner.

"Nice Jen, but nobody seems too impressive," he scanned the crowd as they took seats on the bleachers and people were being assigned into groups. "Except those two," when we'd gotten into our groups, we looked over at Maeve's group and she had two boys that looked similarly weird, one with his nose stuck in the air and the other just standing casually.

"Weird," I breathed as we got to our group.

"Hi! I'm Jenny or Jen, whichever and this is Mike," Mike waved, "We're going to show you around the school, help you with lockers and all that fun stuff. Plus, we miss school!" Our little group laughed lightly and I could feel the tension leaving their worried minds already, "Okay, so, first-thing's-first, Names!"

The End

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