Jenny : Welcome Back, Where're the Newbies?

My alarm beeped at me annoyingly, threatening to explode if I didn't get up soon.

"Oh my gosh, shut up!" I yelled at it, slamming my fist down on the off button.  "Thank you!"

I sat up, swinging my legs over the end of the matress and rubbing my eyes. I gasped when I removed my hands and saw my crushed alarm clock.

"Ugh! I'll make another one tonight,"

Yeah, that's right, I'm a total nerd. But I don't have suspenders or pocket protectors. I'm more of an intelligent dork.

After an hour of getting books, getting dressed and eating breakfast, I was finally ready.

"Jenny! Get to school already!" called my dad jokingly up the stairs.

"I have time Pops!" I shouted back over my music blasting as I put on a teensy bit of mascara and eye liner. "Okay, now I'm ready!"

Pops whistled as I came down the stairs and I waved my hand in his face.

"Oh, stop," I said, laughing as I left the house. "Bye Dad!"

My car was by far the best! It's a lime green Nissan Cube. It was my child, in a way. I loved it and it took me everywhere.

When I got to school, I saw the usual group of new kids coming in and I made my way to the gym in order to help set-up for the orientation.

"Hey Jen!" "Jenny, nice to see ya again!" called friends from their lockers.

"Looking good Jen!"

"Shut up Mike!" I called back, he laughed at me and came to join me on my walk to the Gym.

"Welcome back, where're the newbies?" he asked me.

"They're coming into the gym soon, you're helping right?"


" 'Course you are," I said, laughing as we walked into the gym, ready for the crowd of people who would be considerably dull and ask annoying questions. Yay for first day of school!

The End

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