Maeve: Getting Ready

I stood in front of the bathroom mirror in the small house I shared with my Mum and little sister, Kaylee.  What to do with it today.  I scooped up my hair into a loose ponytail.  No it makes my face look fat.  I tied back just the top half.  That's going to annoy the hell out of me.

'Time to go Mae.'  Mum was always at her most stressed at this time of the morning, when I was supposed to be ready to take Kay to playgroup on my way to school but I was never on time.

I hated my hair.  It was impossible to so anything with and stood out a mile away.  It was bright red, completely straight and hung to about my waist.  I had the same conversation with myself every morning and I always came to the same conclusion.  I'll just leave it down.

'Now Mae!'  I grabbed my bag from my room and came hurtling down the stairs.  I looked around for Kaylee.

'Ready for first day back?'  She shook her head.  'Didn't think so come on.'  I took her hand and we walked down the street towards school.

I dropped Kay off on time at playgroup but then looked at my watch.  I was going to have to run if I was going to make it in time for me to start on of the orientering groups.  Why did I always have to volunteer?

The garden outside the front of school was a sea of new faces as I arrived.  I ran to my post, hair flying everywhere, where my best friend, Rhiannon, was already ready to go.

'Hey Mae.  How are you?'  I couldn't answer because I was so out of breath.  After about two minutes of puffing and panting I managed to regain my calm.

'I'm good.  Just ran all the way from playgroup.'

'You?  Running?  Now that is news!'  Rhiannon and I joked a lot about how unsporty I was.

'OK then so which group are we taking this year?'

The End

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