Shote: Arriving

Its a hard choice, Car or , fly , car , fly. Well flying was fast but was not as cool as driving up in the world fastest and most energy effiecent car. Yeah the government agreed to getting me a car as long as its energy effiecent. However they didn't say anyting about price range. I felt badily it was taxpayer money though. I woulnd't forgive myself for that , but I know when I die I make huge scientific contribuitions, I have already apparently made a few. I forgot the details though.  After My thoughts returned back to the present I was still faced with. Carm or flying.

" Arr why is this so dificult?" I lightly grasp my my fluffy black hair , " Car."  I finally made my pathetic decision.  I opened the car port door and reversed onto the road.  It took me a total of 15 minute to drive to my new highschool, and find a student parking space.  

"Sure school is boring but the first day was always fun plus, I loved being with people, it felt rewarding. I walked through a large courtyard like enterance with a bueatiuful flower gardend, and variouse trees. On my left was the agriculture part of the enterance school.  It was never my thing to study but I loved the smell of plants. At the end of the courtyard enterance was a door and their awaited orientatiation.  On the P.A  an anoucnement  attacked everyone ears.

" Welcome back to Florin High for those who are new Welcome to Florin High oreintation shall be in fifteen minutes." 

The End

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