Fly Like Human, Human Like Fly

An idea inspired from The Fly ( I think it by david Croenenburg.) . Anyways its different. A boy 16 year old boy named Shote Tadkey , has the ability to turn into a fly without human aspects, and is able to be a human without aspects of a fly.

I didn't ask to be like this, I just was born like this. I have 25 years to live, I can turn into a fly , and back into a human. My parents think I'm a freak and have broken off all contact with me. The government gives me money to live in luxgury only with the agrrement I can be studied once a month and when I'm dead they can do all the studyinf they want.  Not many people know what I'am , I don't think there are others like me but never say never.  I'm moving to a new highschool tommorow is going to be day 1. Heres some things I want to do.

1. Why is when I turn into a fly my human body mass seems to disappear , and I become the size of a fly.

2. Meet some cool people

3. live it up.

4. have a relationship ( It won't be gross atleast as long as I don't hang around to much as a fly.)

5. become a hero of sorts

last one is childish but hey I have only 25 years , and for me LIFE IS SHORT. So I want to live it up. Or as fly I say live near the windshield of life.

The End

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