I'll start it off (Summer)

Hey there! This is a writing exercise that deals only with poems. Anyone can join and post if they want to :) What you do, is write a poem without ever stopping. Keep typing and typing, do not stop until you are DONE with the poem. Do not hit backspace either. Just write, do not correct (Unless it is a typo) And do not look back. What you write stays there. You come up with strange funny poems that way

Oh Summer
How great you are
You need to be closer
You seem very afar

You have to have a name
It must be really cool
It cannot be lame
It has to be without school

So I love the thing you are
You bring so much joy
It seems to be cool
That you bring fun and toys

This poem is just an example
Of the fun that this expresses
This writing exercise sample
Of writing to the presses

Without stop it goes
Sometimes sounding silly
So just keep on going
Even let the words go nilly

Whether it ryhymes or not
It does not matter
Just keep going away
Even if it's all for naught

The End

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