The people of Arayé are growing ever more restless as the Day approaches and the Darkness creeps closer and closer. There's no stopping what is inevitable without the help of the Masks and their power to stop the Darkness and return safety to those who never had it once in their lives. The only problem is that the Masks are not willing to help. Will they abandon Arayé?


Arayé [Are-uh-yay] is a land of magic and wonder and all things beautiful. It is a place where things are perfect and bright all the time. To not hear the birds chirp and sing outside of your window is unusual.

Well, it was until that all ended.

Saratha [Sahr-ah-thuh] was once a beautiful princess, soon to be the queen of Arayé. Suitors lined up for miles just to impress her and ask for her hand in marriage. She didn’t want to marry and she didn’t like any of the men she came to meet. Eventually her father set a deadline: she was to find a suitor to marry in three days, or he would choose one for her.

Saratha was not just a mere mortal, though, no. She carried on the line of female witches within the royalty of Arayé. Her mother was one before she was murdered in cold blood and Saratha’s grandmother, and her great-grandmother. She was so powerful that everyone in the kingdom bowed to her Grace.

Saratha, though, was fed up with her father’s demands. She wanted freedom from him. And so she received it.

Using her dark magic, the princess imprisoned her father in a tomb of ice and claimed the throne without a husband. Darkness befell Arayé over the course of a few weeks and living conditions plummeted. Something had taken ahold of Queen Saratha’s heart and mutated it to where she was unforgiving, violent, unstable. She slowly went insane with power, enslaving those of ‘lower status,’ or dragons she found valuable. The dragons were her prizes that she kept locked away beneath the castle to control or kill for their scales later on. Everything was crumbling under her rules.

Someone had to step up and stop this madness.

So the Masks came.

The Masks were, simply, what they sounded like. They were immortal and mortal creatures that wore masks – the norm was normal animals, not magical creatures, but there were those that had masks resembling other creatures, like dragons. The Masks could change into whatever form their mask represented, at any size, and they could control a certain type of element.

There were eight of them, two of each element: fire, water, air, earth. The two dragons for fire. Two birds for air. Two felines for earth. And the two for water have a choice of a mermaid or a dragon of water.

The Masks assembled and attacked.

It was a long, hard war between the Dark Witch and the Masks. After two years of fight and rest, death among the Masks and among Saratha's troops, the Masks prevailed, though they could only curse Saratha into exile for eternity.

But Saratha did not leave without first placing a curse on Arayé as well.

In one hundred years, a dark force would attack Arayé. And there would be no escaping it. 



The Darkness looms ever closer to Arayé and the new monarchy are fighting to remain calm and to keep their people calm. The barrier that keeps the Darkness - a black cloud of screaming souls, thunder, and lightning - is starting to weaken. The voices are becoming distinguishable and those of Arayé are being drawn to the Darkness, strengthening it as they are pulled in, swallowed right up.

Arayé needs its old heroes, the Masks, back. They need their protection. 

But will they be willing to help?

And if they are...are they even strong enough to keep the Darkness at bay?



There are many different races. If you want to add on, please do (just explain what they are). 

Humans: It's pretty obvious. They make up a lot of the population of Arayé and are usually the ones of royalty. They are mortal unless granted immortality from a D-Level witch. Usually don't live past 100 years of age.

Witches: well, you know what a witch is. There are several levels of witches, though.

  • A-Level: The lowest level. These are the witches that cannot control their powers well and likely won't be able to go beyond little magic tricks. They're really no threat unless they train hard enough. Even then, it is hard to get to a higher level. They are mortal.
  • B-Level: They can strengthen their abilities easier than the A-Levels because they are born with a higher ability. They can become C- and even D-Level witches if they trained for years upon years. They are mortal, though, and age.
  • C-Level: They are very strong. Usually the mind-readers, telepaths, and strong spell-casters reside here. They can choose a mortal or immortal life, though they have an animal companion that is ever present because they are tied to it. Most of the time, the power of the witch resides in his or her companion. 
  • D-Level: The strongest of all the witches. They are strong spell-casters, mind readers, telepaths, curse-casters, and anything else you think of. Everyone has a weakness, though. If a D-Level witch were to commit any type of murder - of an animal, a human, anything - they slowly start to lose their mind. It is  consequence for using their powers for evil. They will lose it and either kill more, kill themselves, or lock themselves away. Saratha was one of these. She went crazy with power she couldn't handle.

Dragons: they're special in the aspect that they can change into a relatively human-like form. It's different, with claws and longer teeth, the same eyes, and scales here and there, but they can do so. Some who have not changed forms, though, for years - usually ten years is the point - cannot change into their other form. Human to dragon, dragon to human, etc. They are immortal, but rare because they are killed often.

Mermaids: They're not very nice. No, they lure men to their death and feast on their souls. It's not very pretty. THEY are very pretty, yes, they're beautiful, gorgeous creatures, but they only exist to feed. Unfortunately, to pay for that beauty, they are forever hungry for those souls. Immortal beings.

Lycans: It may seem that lycans and the dragons are the same, but they are not. Lycans are animals that fed on the soul of a mortal human and took on their form. They can alternate between the souls they'd eaten as well. If they happen to feed on a new one, they can change into that form. Unfortunately, it is only for a limited time. One day is the maximum one can remain in the form of a mortal human and it takes at least two for them to be able to shift back into that. They are not immortal, but they live, on average, for about 300 years

Elves: They're beautiful creatures as well, though not as sinister as the mermaids. They are usually tall with pointed ears and a pale complexion, though in some parts of Arayé there are dark-skinned elves with silver markings that contrast well to the skin tone. They keep to themselves and don't like to be bothered but might consider allies if there is something in return for them. Immortal unless they choose to be mortal.

From here, I'm going to list them because those above are the main ones. The Masks are not included for a reason. You can research what these below are from then on, alright? I'll list common ones, though, so they should not be hard.

  • Centaurs
  • Dwarves
  • Fairies (rare)
  • Harpies
  • Succubi/Incubi
  • Trolls
  • Vampires 
  • Werewolves (rare)
  • Banshees
  • Cyclops (rare)
  • Nymph


  • Chimaera (rare)
  • Kraken
  • Gargoyle
  • Griffin (rare)
  • Hippogriff (rare)
  • Unicorns
  • Birds of Lif: they are birds of any kind that can change size {Lif is the one who created them}.



The only Masks left after the battle - and now - are the two feline Earths, one dragon of Fire, one bird of Air, and the two dragons of Water. The Dragon of Fire is off-limits, though the others are fair game - first come, first serve. Just ask.



The End

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